Accelerate Your Business


Accelerate Your Business




The Nedbank Business Accelerator Campaign with CapeTalk celebrates entrepreneurs who build the businesses that South Africa needs. We want to help successful, established entrepreneurships get to the next level by giving business owners the opportunity to share their stories and insights on air. As a result, South Africa’s most influential audience will be talking and acting in favour of your business. They want South Africa to work and have the capability to make it happen! Business growth specialist, Pavlo Phitidis works with business owners and will also help you to make key changes necessary to accelerate your business.

Episode 2: Measuring your Asset of Value

When you build your business into an Asset of Value, understanding how to measure your progress towards this goal is important. To do this, you need to understand how your business would be valued by a buyer. This could be a private buyer or corporate buyer, an investor or, if passing it onto the next generation, family or staff through a management buy-out. Understanding how valuation works, gives you control over the future value of your business. There are three levers that you can “pull” to get your business valuation right. What are these levers, how to I build them into my business and what impact will they have on building my Asset of Value.

Episode 1: Building your business into an Asset of Value