Entrepreneur profiles from previous seasons

The Fruit Cube
We’ve all been there – you hit that mid-afternoon slump, but instead of looking for something healthy to snack on, you head to the vending machine
Lights by Linea
Everybody hopes to have a job that lights up their life, but Wayne Roberts has gone one better – he has a job that lights up everyone’s lives!
The Historic Pig and Whistle Inn
Some say that those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it, but when it comes to The Historic Pig and Whistle Inn, the oldest pub in South
Ulka Designs
Ulka Designs creates clothing and accessory masterpieces from exotic leather, to meet the style demands of an exclusive fashion industry. Unless
Planit Design
Helping independent retailers get their inside out Designing and building an attractive retail interior that is also cost effective doesn’t have
Handling the conversion process the Mpull way Mpull Marketing is focused on results, which is why it uses technology to help convert leads into
D&P Cricket
There’s no batting on a sticky wicket with D&P Cricket – just high quality cricket-related products, along with bat manufacture, repair and
Sunnyacres Sasol
It’s all about the convenience. Sunnyacres Sasol aims to bring convenience and opportunities to the Fish Hoek and Kommetjie region, while
Have a seat – or more! The rustic, custom-made outdoor furniture market may be niche, but it can still deliver high quality – This is the space
Montessori Teacher Training Centre SA
The kids are alright! The Montessori Method is a whole new way of educating children – but teaching this requires educators, and that’s where
Shaw Terra Cotta
This business will floor you! Producing superior, hand-made floor tiles and bespoke ceramic wall tiles, Shaw Tec focuses on quality and style, with
Health and happiness in a single glass of water Aqua4Life provides filters that eliminate 99.9% of impurities, meaning they are able to deliver
Sports Hub Coaching
Helping kids to get sporty! Sports Hub is a dedicated coaching programme that provides young children with a foundation in a range of sports,
Fetchit Fixit
We can fetch it, fix it and replace it FetchIt FixIt is a unique appliance repair business that not only collects items for repair, but loans
Hott 3D
Exhibit A: Hott3D Exhibitions are key for companies launching new brands or products. Hott3D delivers quality cost effective design and
Kamers vol Geskenke
The art is in the craft Kamers vol Geskenke is a collective of creative makers who create handmade, unique and indelibly South African
The Fruit Cube
A business model to go bananas for The Fruit Cube offers businesses an opportunity to improve staff morale and health, by supplying them with a
Crisp Fine Produce
Enjoy your salad days! Restaurants, hotels and cruise ships all demand the highest quality fruit and vegetables, and Crisp Fine Produce delivers
ViewProtect Security
See-through security ViewProtect Security is dedicated to delivering high quality, clear security bars with a built-in alarm system. These not only
Flexy Skills enables flexi-work Designed to make it easy for corporates and freelancers to connect and work together, Flexy Skills is a company
Liquid Freedom
Surf’s up! Liquid Freedom Surf is a company dedicated to producing the highest quality locally manufactured surf boards and stand-up paddle
Infin8 Surfacing
The design possibilities are Infin8! Infin8 Surfacing offers a unique product that can create solid surfaces that are as durable as granite or
The Coffee Co.
A business with real aroma The Midnight Oil Coffee Co is a leading office coffee solution provider that delivers quality products and – thanks to
Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs
Art for your floor Gonsenhauser’s Fine Rugs works with artists and designers to create unique and inspirational bespoke rugs that add value to
Pargo provides a perfect parcel pick-up point solution Pargo overcomes the challenge of optimal parcel delivery, by providing companies with a
AB Products
The sauce that makes the meal AB Products offers a range of delicious sauces, dressings and syrups that tantalise the tastebuds with unique,
Taking the aerial route to problem-solving Aerobotics is a business focused on using drone technology, coupled with aerial imagery and data
North Face Solar
Leveraging the power of the sun Providing a range of cost effective solar energy and water solutions, Northface Solar can help customers save money
Disa Irrigation & Landscaping
Giving customer a little piece of Eden Delivering irrigation solutions that save customers both time and money, Disa Irrigation & Landscaping also
Landscape Tours
Taking the road less travelled Landscape Tours takes senior citizens to unique and exciting destinations throughout southern Africa, handling all
There is certainly nothing fishy about a company that remains passionate not only about people, but about its local community in particular. Abagold
Second Skins
For something to fit like a ‘second skin’, it needs to be slick, safe and swish, which is exactly what Brett Trollip’s aptly named company ,
Le Roux Consulting
Many an outsider, looking at a construction project, would think that nobody really knows exactly what is going on. Having worked for a large
Many hands may make light work, but Richard Majewski, founder of Narich, has found a better way to make light work, turning it into the business he
Entrepreneurs may occasionally wake up crying like babies, but, according to Greg Gallagher, there is no reason parents of a new-born baby should do
Southern Waters
Water is the key to life and one of the most important resources in the world, which is why, says Catherine Brown, the work done by Southern Waters
IT School Innovation
There’s an old song that appeals to school children, with its refrain of “no more teachers, no more books…” Well, teachers may still be a
Epping Industrial Supplies
Family ties is not just a funny sitcom from the 80s – it is the lifeblood of Epping Industrial Suppliers (EIS), a business started by Neil
Christensen Tools
While SABC’s popular soap opera, ‘Generations’, has a long history, having been on screen since 1994, that pales in comparison with the
PC Clean
Every entrepreneur dreams of launching a business that ‘cleans up’, but very few turn that principle into their actual business model. Lucinda
KV Art
So much about South African life is determined in shades of black and white that Kevin O’ Sullivan launched a business to add huge swathes of colour
When is the tracking of people and assets not something straight out of a James Bond movie? When it’s a service provided by Ian Duvenhage’s
NCC Environmental Services
When Dean Ferreira says: ‘Welcome to the jungle’ it is not a threat, so much as an indicator that his company has just completed the job it was
Luggage Glove
Some people might like to pack up their troubles in their old kitbags, but for Chris Warncke of Luggage Glove, his main concern is protecting the
Rickard Air
Every small business owner will tell you just how much energy is required to operate your own business – so it’s no wonder Christiaan Bosch is so
Sun Things
Unlike some start-ups, Jacqueline (Jacki) van Heerden never felt like she was jumping in the deep end when she launched Sun Things. Or rather, she
While some people define ‘performance management’ as taking a Viagra, Christopher Jones, of Digiterra, knows that real performance management is
Fraud is not just a word you read in newspaper headlines, it is an ongoing scenario practiced by far more employees than the average business owner
Access Office Solutions
Alan Richards claims he has always wanted to run his own business, right from the time when he was ten years old and his mother asked him what he to
Bed Buys
Unlike most small business owners who, once they have made their bed have to lay in it, Dallas Conn makes beds for others to lie in. His company, Bed
Our Hood
In a world where social media seems to have stopped people talking to one another, who would have thought that digital neighbourhoods would actually
Nautic Africa
In the movie ‘Jaws’, Chief Brody famously proclaimed that they would need a bigger boat - and had they spoken to James Fisher, of Nautic Africa,
Mama Money
If there is one thing you can bank on when it comes to financial services, it is that you will pay high fees. In fact, Mathieu Coquillon of Mama Money
With crime in SA sometimes seemingly out of control, wouldn’t it be nice if we had a Robocop looking out for us? While not quite the indestructible
2 Oceans Maritime Academy
Sometimes, the best way to get ahead in life is to combine your career with your passion. In a way, that’s exactly what former teacher Sean Cumming
Service Systems
Everyone who has ever experienced poor service has had that moment where they wanted to tell store management about it, but without necessarily
Frozen Drinks
Songwriter Peter Sarstedt once offered to buy the lady he was singing to ‘one more frozen orange juice’ – it’s just a pity for him that Frozen
Credible Carbon
A change is as good as a holiday, they say – unless you are talking about climate change, in which case it is something to be fought against tooth
Nobody likes being led up the garden path, unless the person doing the leading is Bruce Beyer, since his company, Co-Creators, is all about developing
Makeka Design Lab
The South African public are constantly told that nation building is the responsibility of every citizen, but few take the concept of building as
Northern Keys Locksmiths
Lawrence Romburgh has spent most of his working life under lock and key, and has loved every minute of it! His grandfather started Northern Keys
Donix Embedded Systems
A smart business that makes the world a smarter place. After decades spent developing technologies for the SA military, the engineers at Donix
Fun, funky and functional – designs for life Shona McDonald isn’t the kind of person to let tragic personal experience leave her moping –
Clear Fusion
Clear Fusion has your company’s back! When The Buggles claimed that ‘video killed the radio star’, they were almost presciently outlining how
BJR Electronics
Radios that aren’t even remotely gaga! Freddy Mercury may have sung about ‘Radio Gaga’ with high energy back in the 1980s, but BJR
Estate Living
Where community meets lifestyle Taking the concept of the ‘Fourth Estate’ to a whole new level, Jaime-Lee van Sittert’s company, Estate
ST Communications
Never lost in translation When critical information is ‘lost in translation’, it sometimes leads to really comical occurrences – on the other
Days of wine and…more wine! Bacchus has long been celebrated as the God of Wine and Merriment, but for all his legendary powers, Judy Brower and
DFA Solutions
Making sure your security is managed properlySecurity in today’s day and age is one of the most important issues a company needs to consider. Even
Competence SA Consulting
Making the most of your talent Contrary to popular belief, talent is not just something that lucky individuals are born with – it is something
Rebul Custom Packaging
Sending timber crates packing! Why pack up your troubles in your old kitbag when you can pack whatever you like into a customisable, re-usable,
Singer Group
Enjoy the journey and the destination In all families, there comes a time when one of the members wants to shout at the others: “give me some
e-Wine for Mzanzi! If you can do your banking from the convenience of your home, thanks to the Internet, why should you have to go out to a bottle
Khayelitsha Cookies
A tough cookie in the biscuit business There’s no doubt that one can describe Adri Williams as a ‘tough cookie’. She worked for a business
POP Warehouse
POP goes the warehouse! Logic may be what keeps Mr Spock a step ahead of Captain Kirk, but in the business world, it is logistics that make the
Just another brick in the wall While many slightly vain people are worried about water retention, Bernd Holger is only concerned about one thing:
Red Fish
Don’t just ‘go fish’, Go RedFish! All good businesses need a strong foundation, along with an effective structure to keep them steady. For
Hyde Hotel
Time to seek The HydeThe best experiences hide in plain sight, while canny tourists seek a niche hideaway – both of these are aspects of The Hyde
Red Revenge
You can’t stop the music! We all just want to be big rock stars, sang Nickelback, but that may not be true after all. Johan Schreuder would far
Sparkle Products
Sparkle is starting to shine! Since launching Sparkle Products, Laurence Gawronsky has been able to quite literally clean up in his particular
X-Sight X-Ray Services
Getting the inside view Paul Keanly has taken the super-power every boy ever wanted and turned it into a business proposition. With X-Sight X-ray
Colour your life - digitally Craig Whyte, founder of Artlab, believes that if one is going to get down to graphic detail, the best approach is a
4i Mobile
It takes application to succeed! Madonna may have lived in a material world back in the 80s, but today, it is clear that the only world we live in is
Mango Moon
Fly me to the (Mango) Moon As far as Jeremy Carpenter is concerned, the moon isn’t made out of cheese, it is, in fact, always a Mango Moon.
Dynamic Group
Dynamic tourism for the rich and famous Most people enjoy reading about the lifestyles of the rich and famous; Julian Peltz prefers delivering
A hard range of software Bruce Morgan is living the quintessential South African dream – he has taken a range of software products developed in
Knight's Baby Training
Dispose of nappies early with the Baby Throne The cost of disposable nappies these days is enough to make any parent cry like a baby. The answer,
Sundowner Skylights
Making light work! Some entrepreneurs see the light, while others deliver the light – Ian McCullough is one of the latter, as his company,
Power to the people Tony Geldenhuys is a strong believer in giving power back to the people, or at least in saving them money when it comes to
Atlantic Rail
It’s not the Chatanooga Choo-Choo, its Atlantic Rail! Most people get pretty wound up by their jobs, but for Ian Pretorius, his career is all
Flick Visual Foundry
While your parents may have told you that too much TV is bad for you, the reality is that the digital age has led to an increasing number of people
Kiltartan Consulting Pty Ltd
Every entrepreneur has the ability to visualise their business, but Kevin McCaffrey’s company, Kiltartan Consulting, has made business visualisation
1 Call ASAP (Pty) ltd
Eight years ago, the media was rife with tales of fraud, theft and generally unscrupulous behaviour in the home improvement industry. Recognising
Sea Monster Entertainment
Launching your own business in what is a globally competitive industry is bound to lead to some animated discussions with colleagues, at the very
Launching a new business can never be described as ‘plain sailing’, particularly when the first thing you do is cut up the sails and turn them
Bayede Marketing (Pty) Ltd
In order to make sure her products were fit for a king, Antoinette Vermooten got her company, Bayede! Marketing, into a right royal situation.
Tri Active Events Management & Lodge
Teamwork is the key to any successful business, but how does an organisation build an effective team? It needs a company like Cany Bugler’s Tri
People trust first-person communication more than any other type – hence the saying ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ – and yet most
The Allergen Baker
Everyone knows that the Baker Man can – but even he would be hard pressed to provide baked products that cater for wheat, gluten, lactose, eggs,
Business Accounting Network (BAN)
When the time comes to pay the piper, you had better know exactly where you stand, finance-wise. For this reason, it is vital to have an experienced
When Ruari Richardson found his entrepreneurial mind was getting cramped in the corporate space, he chose to break out by getting into a box.
NEO Trading
Going ‘green’ is about more than planting trees and driving your car less – it includes taking care with what you eat and what personal products
Bamic Enterprises
When the heat is on for the cold chain industry, Barbara Westcott’s Bamic Enterprises comes to the rescue, advising and providing thermal products
Avansa Business Technologies
In the entertainment industry they always say that if ‘you can’t make it, fake it’, however, in the financial sector, faking it is not
EcodWash S.A.
Could you ever imagine washing your car without water? While the idea is one that is particularly pertinent in a world where experts are predicting
Garner Wafers & Confectionary
Despite Hansel and Gretel’s misfortune with the gingerbread house, most sweet-toothed people still dream of one day finding something similar.
Doggobone Active Raw Foods c.c
Old Mother Hubbard may have wanted to give her dog a bone, but according to Abdul Palekar, there are much healthier foods you can feed to your furry
‘Power to the people’ is an age old African refrain, one that can easily be heightened and extended by the use of mobile media. However, in this
True Blue Surf & Island Travel
When most people of talk of doing things ‘island style’, it is little more than a half-hearted notion of what they think it is like in a tropical
Afrinatural Holdings
When Crowded House used to sing ‘It’s Only Natural’, they were talking about how they wanted to be close to a woman, but the band could just as
1 UP Design Pty Ltd
Most exhibitionists find themselves on the wrong side of the law at some point or another; Richard Eden, on the other hand, has turned exhibitionism
There are plenty of things in life that tax us to the limits, but none more so than doing our taxes. Even with the advent of SARS e-Filing, the vast
Melex Electrovehicles
While the news of yet another petrol price hike raises a collective groan amongst South African road users, Stuart Elliot is the one man in the
In a country still reeling from the Limpopo text book scandal, it seems unthinkable that the potential exists for a student to walk into their nearest
Time, they say, waits for no man and while this may be a truism, if you were to take a leaf out of David Green’s book, you would at least be assured
Figure Forms
Making a living from manufacturing mannequins for the clothing industry is no job for dummies, says Rory Millam. He says that he founded his company,
Flowers for Africa cc
Next time you pop into a supermarket to pick up a bunch of flowers because you forgot your better half’s birthday or your wedding anniversary, spare
It seems that in the modern world, absolutely everything is going electronic – from e-mail to digital music and cameras to the fuel control systems
The trouble with being a small business is that far too often, you find yourself running around madly, putting out fires. Unless you happen to be
Instant Grass
As the world becomes smaller, thanks to mobile technology, today’s young consumers are becoming more savvy and informed about companies and brands,
Business Accounting Network (BAN)
When the time comes to pay the piper, you had better know exactly where you stand, finance-wise. For this reason, it is vital to have an experienced
Days of wine and…more wine! Bacchus has long been celebrated as the God of Wine and Merriment, but for all his legendary powers, Judy Brower and
Solarent (Pty) Ltd
The sun is the single greatest power source known to man, yet very few people make practical use of it. In these energy constrained times, it is
Natural Pack
Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean having to grow your hair, wear flowers behind your ears and listen to ‘The Age of Aquarius’ repeatedly. All it
Olympia International Paints
The Parlotones may have sung about being ‘colourful’, but even they would be put to shame by the range of shades and tints on offer at Olympia
Lavender in Lavender Hill
Strawberry fields may be forever, but there is no doubt in Marcelle Marguerite van Zyl’s mind that Lavender Hills are better. She is the manager of
TAKEALOT Online (Pty) Ltd
When it comes to online retail, everyone with access to the Net likes to take a little – only Kim Reid, however, prefers to Takealot! The CEO of one
4ward-automation T/A 4ward-design
So you want a fancy home system that includes dedicated sound and a fantastic home theatre system, but you don’t know your input from your output
Vondis Holistic Pet
Health and wellness is the ‘in’ thing for many people today, but how many of those same people think of offering the same levels of health and
Real Time Wine - inApp (Pty) Ltd
Many people whine about their jobs; Andy Hadfield, on the other hand, is building a business that relies on wine for success. Real Time Wine is a
Sky Messaging
Advertising is a numbers game, which is why Thomas Kritzer has launched a company that quite literally uses the heavens as its medium. Sky Messaging,
Cape Thyme Catering
While many people would cheerfully ‘drink to your health’, Jacinta Adonis’ Cape Thyme Catering focuses on providing eats for your health. The
The principle of ‘thou shalt not pass’ is a common one within the security industry, but it takes something extra special to not only secure a
Sometimes, launching a business is all about putting on your shoes and dancing! That’s exactly what Margaret Winsor decided to do when she launched
Being online is now the mainline to being an effective and successful business. Wayne Diamond, owner of DiaMatrix understands this, which is why this
Creative Cuisine Pantry
When it comes to getting a little saucy, Alet Erasmus is way ahead of the pack – the owner of Creative Cuisine Pantry, Alet produces a range of
Simply Swimming
Tim Osrin has something going for his company that very few others do – even in the tough times, he finds his business is going swimmingly! As the
Varsity Tutors
When launching your own business, it should never be something you attempt in degrees – unless of course to happen to be Varsity Tutors, whose
ORKA Paddles
Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to anyone is to be left up a smelly creek without a paddle. Today, thanks to the ingenuity if Alexa Cole and
Many people out there ‘wood’ like to be an entrepreneur, but only a few actually have the tenacity and skill to ‘carve’ a career in a niche
For an organisation placing a large amount of money into a sponsorship deal, the single most critical payback is getting value for money, something
Khaya power
The cry of the revolution has always been ‘power to the people’, which is a nice sentiment, but becomes a lot less practical in those areas where
Success may be built on hard work and perseverance, but unless you know the value of your business and how it is doing, relative to the competition,
Gayleen's Decadence
While nothing beats the delightful decadence of chocolate, the potentially unhealthy after-effects keep many a connoisseur away. But what if you could
InFocus Trading 111 cc - Trading as WirelessAlert
In South Africa, theft is a common occurrence, as is the threat to life and limb. However, while goods can be replaced easily enough, this is not the
Bed Buys CC
Dallas Conn, owner of Bed Buys and its new arm, Doll House Factory, says that the playhouses his business crafts for girls, boys and even toddlers are
Think! Shoes
When it comes to shoes, no one understands the link between style and comfort better than the ladies. Isabelle Steiger, owner of Think! Shoes SA, is a
YDP Work & Travel
Overseas travel for under-30s is not all about fiestas and fun. On the contrary, many of South Africans youths today travel in order to obtain new
State visits, high profile sporting events and society galas all require a touch of extra class - whether it be Tiffany chairs or silver and crystal
Leswiti Trading 20cc
Flaura is a company that offers dignified coffins which are designed to leave as little impact on the environment as possible. These hand woven willow
Natural Pack
Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean having to grow your hair, wear flowers behind your ears and listen to ‘The Age of Aquarius’ repeatedly. All it
Bed Buys CC
Dallas Conn, owner of Bed Buys and its new arm, Doll House Factory, says that the playhouses his business crafts for girls, boys and even toddlers are
Think! Shoes
When it comes to shoes, no one understands the link between style and comfort better than the ladies. Isabelle Steiger, owner of Think! Shoes SA, is a
Jardine Marine Services
The idea of an ocean-going taxi might seem one of the more bizarre concepts, but this is a model that is certainly working well for Nugh Tyer and
Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos
Billy Joel may have given us the famous ditty, but in reality, the piano man is not Joel, but rather Ian Burgess-Simpson. An industry stalwart for the
Wetu Tourism Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Paul Theroux said that tourists don’t know where they’ve been and travellers don’t know where they’re going. Andrew Ardington, of Wetu Tourism
Aldous Huxley spoke of the doors of perception, and for Jon-Jon Keegan and his company, perception is the name of the game. Everyone
The Coffee Company
If an army marches on its stomach, then the lifeblood of any office is a regular intake of caffeine. Understanding the need for employees to indulge
7 Sea Geosciences
Knowledge of the earth and its impact on man-made edifices is crucial for a number of sectors, such as the construction industry. However, the
Cherry Blossom Communications
A successful corporate social investment (CSI) strategy is built on not only explaining the benefits of a company’s CSI strategy to the wider
Perfect Places
Building houses can sometimes be akin to building a box, unless its Erwin van der Weerd’s company, Perfect Places. He says that he developed the
When they say that the show must go on, it’s usually in spite of some disaster. However, when Lisa Wynne and Sally Robinson are involved, it means
Claridge Properties (PTY) Ltd., t/a Jorgensen's Distillery
If there is one thing Roger Jorgensen understands, it’s the impact and the benefit that enough time can bring. The owner of Jorgensen’s
Special Products & Technologies
When a special product or turn-key solution is required, why would any customer go further than the company that sums it all up in its name - Special
Country Careers & FarmGate
Country roads may take you home, but if you’re looking for a country job, you need to visit Claire Bennette’s Country Careers business. Having
Many hands make light work, so it should come as no surprise to learn that Richard Lomax’s company, LEDzShine, is one of the brightest players in
EMT - Emergency Medical Treatment cc
Many people choose to get into the medical services sector because they have always wanted to help people; others fall into it by accident and
Zimele Packing Solutions cc
There’s an old song that suggests you should ‘pack up your troubles in your old kit bag’, but – according to Janine Roberts, founder of Zimele
South Africans as a rule tend to be the type to party hard, except that when one party’s hard, getting home without breaking the law becomes
Main Ingredient
Nothing compliments a good meal like a wonderful bottle of wine, yet finding the right food and the ideal wine is no easy task. This is one of the