AquaGuard Technologies
Don’t just save water, AquaGuard it! With Day Zero looming, any solution that can assist in saving water is worth considering - and AquaGuard is
Putting an end to paperback writers Is a writer an author if they cannot publish their book? Having witnessed his author father struggle to publish
Honeybee CRM SA
Creating a real sales buzz Sales people are always as busy as bees, but the ones that taste the greatest success are Honeybees. Sam Clarke of
Robinson and Sinclair
The grapes without wrath When you are a small privately owned farm, it is no use whining that the large international labels get all the action.
J&J Rewards
Getting your just rewards Jan Parmentier has a passion for creating and a constant drive to grow. He also subscribes to the mentality that says 'I
Saddler Belts & Leathercraft
A business that’s going hell for leather! Some businesses plod along steadily, while others belt ahead, and Andrew Fenwick’s company is
Sometimes you need to reverse to go in the right direction Instead of a return on investment, Craig Plowden’s company is about an investment to
VIVA Medical
Hospital bills shouldn’t give you a heart attack Considering the high cost of healthcare in South Africa, Lindsay John Curran believes that the
Rent your property properly An old song once suggested that there was nothing going on but the rent, but in Benjamin Shaw’s case, there is a
Angelsoft Shoes
If the shoe fits... Teddy Roosevelt said one should walk softly and carry a big stick, but Matthew Hansen decided that only the first part of that
MRH Blasting & Coatings
A business built with steel and grit. Great things often start from small beginnings, provided a bit of effort and grit is applied, and this is
Foxolution Systems Engineering
Oxygen: the key to life and business Knowing that oxygen is vital to life, Kerry Motherwell created Foxolution to take advantage of this fact, and
SchoemanLaw Inc
Be legal, not traditional Just because compliance with the law is a critical part of doing business, doesn’t mean that SMEs need to talk to a
With great responsibility comes great power Some business inspirations are shocking, while others are electrifying, and Tracey Bouah’s company,
Save money and the environment – at the same time Green is much more than just a colour, especially for someone like Thinus Booysen, who says he
La Cuccina Restaurant & Deli
Food made with love For some, food is a simple necessity – for others, it’s a passion. The latter is definitely the case when it comes to Ian
Zenzele Fitness Group
A really healthy business opportunity Every businessman hopes to own the fittest company on the market, but Tumi Phake has taken this desire to a
Vision Elevators
A local business that’s on the up...and down Every business experiences its share of ups and downs, but that doesn’t usually bother Nicholas
Webprinter Online Business
There’s an entrepreneur’s prints all over this business They say that online is killing print, and yet there remains a definite need for
Silulo Ulutho Technologies
We build a better nation when we all connect Simon and Garfunkel spoke of building a bridge over troubled waters, but the most important bridge in