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Aldous Huxley spoke of the doors of perception, and for Jon-Jon Keegan and his company, perception is the name of the game. Everyone wants beautiful windows and doors, as these are key to creating the initial impression of one’s house. Therefore, his business supplies and distributes the widest range of doors and windows available from a single source, offering custom-made aluminium and timber products. Jon-Jon says that the unique selling point of Windoor is that it is the only company that allows shoppers to purchase all that is required online, and have it delivered directly from the manufacturer to their house or building site – all without leaving their home or office. With 16 years in the construction industry and plenty of joinery manufacturing experience, he is ideally positioned to provide the advice and assistance his customers require, while the company can source and deliver virtually any product the customer requires. This includes fully glazed doors and windows, pre-sealed and ready for installation, which he feels may make Windoor the greenest supplier in this industry niche. While it currently offers installations in Johannesburg and the Western Cape, his goal is to develop the business into a properly managed national distributor of all the products that relate to windows and doors, offering the most competitive rate for the highest quality goods. However, to achieve this he needs additional financial resources in order to employ a full time bookkeeper, an in-house designer and a developer, as well as to further develop the Website support functions. He also requires assistance in extending relationships with manufacturers and suppliers across SA, and in purchasing a vehicle to enable Windoor to optimise its local service delivery and installation.

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