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7 Sea Geosciences


Knowledge of the earth and its impact on man-made edifices is crucial for a number of sectors, such as the construction industry. However, the geosciences field is rather technical and thus a specialist is required if one is to properly understand the interaction of man-made structures with the earth – not to mention its result on budget, methodology and design. This is where Steven Horwood’s company, 7 Sea Geosciences, comes to the fore.He says that the company performs these services both on land and offshore, with several recent projects involving oil and gas exploration services and deeper geophysics. Steven has worked in the industry since 1994, after he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Geology.He is more than just a rock specialist, however, having crossed a number of fields. These include dabbling in the construction industry and the mechanical field, where his ability to weld and build his own equipment has enabled him to build specialist tools for his company. There have certainly been challenges, adds Steven, pointing out that understanding the statutory financial requirements and getting financial assistance from experts was one thing he learned very early on. Moving forward, he says the company needs to have a better human resource knowledge and strategy, as people remain its biggest asset.He aims to reach a point where the business is able to compete internationally and is respected for its ethics and quality service. Steven says he wants to be able to export skills in what is a lucrative and traditionally imported market. However, to succeed in this ambition, he states that the company needs what most small businesses require – namely a reasonable injection of financial assistance, in order to pay for skilled staff and to purchase and maintain specific assets.

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