Cherry Blossom Communications


A successful corporate social investment (CSI) strategy is built on not only explaining the benefits of a company’s CSI strategy to the wider public, but also in ensuring that they are informed of the opportunities such a programme makes available.This is where Marlene Sathekge and Cherry Blossom Communications has found the perfect niche. She says that the company offers a PR and communications consultancy that focuses specifically on CSI and social development programmes, compiling communications strategies for these development programmes and then implementing them.Marlene says that she studied PR Management and also has more than 13 years experience in the industry. She says that in this time, she has worked for a number of established and reputed PR consultancies in Cape Town. She has also worked in both public sector and private sector organisations, taking on the roles of PR, Marketing, CSI and Promotions Management.She says that it is her belief that CSI communication is about telling ordinary South Africans about the opportunities these organisations have available. It is certainly not about companies bragging to their peers about their successes – after all, she adds, that is what they have corporate communications agencies for.While her client base is mostly large and medium-sized corporate companies with established CSI departments and programmes, she believes that she can only grow her business if she can receive introductions to the right decision makers in potential client companies. Just as importantly, adds Marlene, she needs the assistance of a good attorney, to advise her in regards to contract and payment negotiation.

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