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Special Products & Technologies


When a special product or turn-key solution is required, why would any customer go further than the company that sums it all up in its name - Special Products & Technologies (SPT)? Gary Pomario says that his company is built on a foundation of offering high quality product manufacturing, engineering design and a variety of specialised turn-key solutions. Although SPT was launched as a business in 1992 by his father, Gary says that he has spent 11 years in the business, gaining a wide range of experience at SPT. He says that this includes learning about all the aspects of business management - from quotes to tenders – as well as the management of a factory, dealing with staff and production lines, not to mention making financing and asset-purchasing decisions. Customer relationships are crucially important, states Gary, pointing out that what makes SPT different from the competition is that the company offers both design and manufacturing, whereas its rivals only offer the manufacturing component. With customers that include both large and small businesses, Gary says that some of the major projects undertaken by SPT include the manufacture of forecourt equipment for the petroleum industry, the manufacture of point of sale display units for the advertising industry and the manufacture of specialised machines for the military industry. While SPT is always committed to delivering a high quality product at the best possible price, Gary feels that for the company to reach the next level, as the leader in its field, it will require a sound financial foundation. Therefore he requires funding and financial guidance, as well as integrated systems that can assist him to run the business better, thereby keeping his staff motivated.

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