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Many hands make light work, so it should come as no surprise to learn that Richard Lomax’s company, LEDzShine, is one of the brightest players in the LED lighting space.LEDzShine supplies specialised LED lamps. Richard says he saw a business opportunity in this arena long before it was fashionable to have energy efficient lighting. The lamps his company produces provide light while using very little energy, making them what the market today would term ‘green’. Moreover, they are repairable.He says that he has been involved in the LED lighting business since 2006, prior to which he had no experience with LEDs, electronics or any other aspect of the lighting business. Nonetheless, he adds that having worked in a variety of positions both at multinationals and in his own businesses, he has established a broad range of experience that stands him in good stead.He says that while knowledge and service have helped him build his customer base, a large part of it is still built on trust – he needs his customers to know that they can trust him implicitly. Since they often spend in the region of R100 000 on light bulbs, trust really is a non-negotiable.His goal is to set up a manufacturing unit, supplying lamps to the nation and possibly even for export. As is always the case with such ambitions, the biggest thing holding him back is financial concerns. Therefore, he says that he requires assistance with funding, which will enable him to take the next step, while a business mentor would also be welcomed, as it would enable the business to grow more quickly.

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