EMT - Emergency Medical Treatment cc


Many people choose to get into the medical services sector because they have always wanted to help people; others fall into it by accident and discover a passion that changes their career path. Robert de Wet, of Emergency Medical Treatment (EMT) is one of the latter.Having operated his own company – a fruit and vegetable business – at the tender age of 21, he eventually chose a very different career path, moving into the emergency services and training field. He says he stumbled upon this industry, but has become hugely passionate about it since he started in the emergency services as a volunteer in 1999.Robert says that EMT’s medical response division was formed in 2009 and this offers a 24-hour medical response service, an ambulance service and a medical special events division. The company services both the residential and commercial market sectors.He says that individual residences subscribe to the service, in order to have medical response coverage at home, while businesses like crèches, playschools, schools and old age homes subscribe to have coverage for their staff, residents and pupils. The main goal for the future is to grow the newly created ambulance component of the business, as well as to continue growing the subscriber base and the special events division. He adds that there is a lot of misinformation about medical services out there and the company often has to undo this before it can start educating people about the service and what EMT does. To change this and keep the business moving forward, he says that EMT needs a strategic marketing plan. Robert says that serious advice on marketing and how to convert sales and promotion opportunities into customers would be the best possible assistance he could ask for.

On-air Interview