Zimele Packing Solutions cc


There’s an old song that suggests you should ‘pack up your troubles in your old kit bag’, but – according to Janine Roberts, founder of Zimele Packing Solutions – if you are a small business requiring such packing, there are not many businesses that will help you. As a qualified Packaging Technologist with 11 years industry experience, Janine has worked with a variety of companies and products. She says that the one thing she noticed about the industry was the distinct lack of a contract packing company that would assist small businesses and accept niche, hand-packed products Since her rivals were all about volume, she launched Zimele Packing to answer the needs of those companies that required a more flexible contract packer. She adds that her company has employed 16 previously unemployed people and she herself has trained them in packing and assembling. Janine points out that Zimele offers contract packing, assembling and distribution of dry food products, pharmaceutical products, gift packs and banded packs, to name a few. Customers receive the best service, good prices and no minimum size runs. Zimele also helps them with product and packaging development, free of charge. She says that the company is currently experiencing an increase in work and is struggling to cope with her existing financial resources. She wants to expand the factory to the point of employing 20 staff and says that to facilitate such growth, she would need financial assistance to the tune of R150 000. This would fund the expansion, the new employees and allow her to hire a production manager to take the business to the next level.

On-air Interview