South Africans as a rule tend to be the type to party hard, except that when one party’s hard, getting home without breaking the law becomes virtually impossible. Drinking and driving remains a big issue on SA roads, which is why Simon Revington’s company, Dudebru, should come as a godsend to many who enjoy their tipple just a tad too much.Offering a privately funded, late night discount public transport service for those who have had a bit too much to drink, Dudebru has been operating for around six months. However, Simon says that he has been toying with and adapting the idea since 2007. He has 10 years experience in the industry, although he points out that initially it was delivering pizzas – but there is not that much of a difference between transporting pizza and transporting people. He recognises that there is a dire need for a service like this on a large, publically accessible scale, which is what has driven him to start this business and gives him energy to make it happen. Using simple and effective pricing structures that take the lottery factor out of conventional metre taxi trips and focusing on creating a vibe – through cool music, chatting to the clients and hiring young drivers from the same demographic as the target market – Dudebru blends the transport into the evening.Simon says that to effectively deliver this service across the Cape Peninsula, he needs major businesses to act as sponsorship partners. He also needs financial help to afford a suitable headquarters, with a call centre and general assembly point for personnel. He adds that assistance in key areas - like logistics, HR legalities, liability advice and transport and licensing issues would also be welcomed.

On-air Interview