Main Ingredient


Nothing compliments a good meal like a wonderful bottle of wine, yet finding the right food and the ideal wine is no easy task. This is one of the reasons John and Lynne Ford launched their business, Main Ingredient.Having met in 1999 while studying for the Cape Wine Academy diploma, the couple launched Main Ingredient as a way of selling gourmet foods seldom found in retail outlets, they also publish an e-magazine called MENU. This gives information about food and wine, up to date listings of what is on in the food and wine industry such as festivals, food and wine pairings and trade shows.John says that Lynne is an excellent cook, who enjoys trying new dishes and techniques and finding new ingredients. Added to this is the enthusiasm they both have for good food and wine. Coupled with a love of people and of communicating with them, and – above all - a good depth of knowledge about their subject and a willingness to continue to learn about it, it is no wonder the discerning food and wine consuming public have taken to this business.Lynne points out that people love Main Ingredient because the company can supply them with what they need, is responsive to requests and helps them find what they are seeking. Lynne and John will also show them how to use the products. Looking ahead, John wants to grow the customer base, increase turnover and obtain more interesting stock. To achieve all of this, he says that what is required is marketing and advertising assistance, as well as technical help with improving their Website to make it easier to receive and service online orders.

On-air Interview