People trust first-person communication more than any other type – hence the saying ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ – and yet most corporate marketing campaigns are built on everything but word-of-mouth. Jason Stewart plans to change this, thanks to his company, HaveYouHeard, which has positioned itself as South Africa's leading Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM) agency. He says that after identifying a rising trend internationally for WOMM, coupled with a feeling that the local advertising industry was too rigid in its approach, he launched his business with the aim of using WOMM to turn the traditional on its head. This will be done by providing much more effective and trusted communication, while utilising his skills and understanding of how to influence people to change behaviour and perceptions. Jason believes that HaveYouHeard’s approach is different to any other agency, purely because it focuses on stimulating WOMM, through aspects such as endorsements and credible talk, both online and offline. He says that by constantly being pioneering and aiming always to exceed client expectations, the company is able to consistently generate innovative campaigns that produce great results. While challenges remain for the business – Jason points to developing stronger relationships with the key decision makers in companies and crafting a 'heavyweight' reputation as a marketing company – he believes that as clients grow to understand its full range of services, the future for his small agency will be increasingly bright. After all, adds Jason, HaveYouHeard is an exceptional young agency with a unique offering. His plan is not merely to be the best in SA, but number one across the globe. This is certainly ambitious, he states, but our company clearly has massive potential.

On-air Interview