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There is certainly nothing fishy about a company that remains passionate not only about people, but about its local community in particular. Abagold Ltd is so focused on the above that it is considered an employer of choice in Hermanus, as it utilises the natural resources of the region to create jobs. According to Tim Hedges, the company - which cultivates, processes and even exports abalone has already received numerous awards, including Productivity, Innovation and Exporter of the Year as well as for entrepreneurship and even certain individual awards for its people. “Abagold has always been passionate about people development, quality and innovation. Its growth strategy, values, focused approach and world class practices has helped it to continue growing and achieving consistently excellent results,” he says. Tim adds that the company today also manufactures aquatic feeds through a separate company, Specialised Aquatic Feeds. He says the company is also exploring alternative energy options, as it pumps some 12 million litres of sea water per hour through its farms, meaning our electricity costs are very high. “The next goal is to double our production to over 500 tons per annum. We are also seeking to be more innovative with our product range, to ensure we can sell bigger volumes without sacrificing profitability. Abagold is also looking at new, higher end niche markets and want to further develop its existing ones as well,” he concludes.

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