Le Roux Consulting


Many an outsider, looking at a construction project, would think that nobody really knows exactly what is going on. Having worked for a large construction company in the heavy civil and building industry for years, Kobus le Roux, of Le Roux Consulting, says that this is often not far from the truth, as often neither the contractor nor the professional team has an accurate grasp of the progress. “There are no standards for planning and measuring progress incorporated into project management in South Africa, so we provide a combination of Project Control and Business Intelligence services to project intensive companies, mainly in the construction industry. This enables a project manager or team to monitor and control the project’s progress and key performance areas,” says Kobus. He explains that while spotting the gap in the market gave him a niche in which to build a business, his key goal is to make a meaningful impact on the industry. To attain such a goal, he realised that he needed to shift his paradigm from consumption – being an employee - to contribution, by operating his own business. “With so much expansion into other African markets taking place, and then increasing incorporation of smart IT solutions for construction contractors, I believe the foundation is there to expand the business, making it into an organisation that makes an impactful difference in the market, while remaining agile, flexible and able to integrate seamlessly with our customer's business objectives.” And what can help him achieve this success? “I want to attract talented senior people into the company, as this will drive growth. I also plan to invest in the company’s online training platform and spend money on further R&D to launch our software-as-a-service offering. Achieving this will mean extending our capabilities into Africa will be easy,” he concludes.

On-air Interview