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Many hands may make light work, but Richard Majewski, founder of Narich, has found a better way to make light work, turning it into the business he always wanted, after spending two decades in the corporate world. Narich, he explains, supplies business to business Spectrophotometer and Spectroscopy products, solutions and services. The company prides itself on developing simple solutions for the complex problems its clients face. “While there is no doubt running a business of this nature is hard work, this is balanced out by constantly learning new skills I can apply in the business. When you own the business, constantly building it is nothing less than a pleasure, particularly when you are able to solve corporate problems and really making a difference in what is very much a niche sector,” adds Richard. Narich has clients in the industrial academic and research and development (R&D) space, and each customer has its own unique set of problems to solve. Generally though, he continues, industrial clients need help optimising their production processes and quality, academics require teaching equipment in the science field and the R&D sector demands cutting edge solutions. “Our company has built a reputation in the field for delivering quality and is known for delivering cheaper, faster and more reliable test results, using non-destructive techniques.” Asked about the future, Richard suggests that it is an ongoing plan to grow the business, adding synergy with new products while also hiring strong technical field staff, who can back up the customers’ perception of expertise with actual competence. Ultimately, he wants to double the business size and enlarge its customer base through a merger or acquisition.

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