IT School Innovation


There’s an old song that appeals to school children, with its refrain of “no more teachers, no more books…” Well, teachers may still be a necessity, but thanks to Jacobus (Lieb) Leibenberg’s business, IT School Innovation, books are no longer that important. “When I bought the business, it was out of a desire to move education into the 21st century and do something positive about the poor state of public education options. My company provides a digital education management system that ties teachers, learners and the curriculum – via eBooks - together in a dynamic and personalised learning environment,” says Lieb. IT School Innovation services some 75 public and private schools at both primary and secondary level, with the aim of helping them, through the medium of tablets and eBooks, move from being print-based institutions to truly joining the digital age. “We offer a complete platform that is developed in-house and enables teachers to combine the best parts of traditional teaching methods with the best of 21st century technology. We help teachers into the digital age without forcing them to reinvent themselves. Naturally, the potential for this business is huge, and the next target is to grow from our existing 75 schools to supporting at least 200 in the country. After that, the sky is the limit, and we will aim to expand our offering into markets in the Middle East, Europe and the US,” he concludes.

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