Epping Industrial Supplies

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Epping Industrial Supplies


Family ties is not just a funny sitcom from the 80s – it is the lifeblood of Epping Industrial Suppliers (EIS), a business started by Neil Ellard’s grandfather and continued by his father and uncle. This makes him the third generation in the business he joined some 15 years ago. “We are distributors for Kimberley Clark, Diversey, Nampak, Uvex, Jonsson Workwear and a number of other brands. Epping supplies personal protection equipment, washroom solutions and chemical supplies and prides itself on its service and relationships with customers. Because we offer a wide range of stock items, we are able to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ to our customers,” says Neil. He intimates that the company has been built to ever greater heights by his father and his uncle over the last 41 years, and says that they have taken it to where it is today. Despite their success, however, he believes that it is time to begin taking risks and trying to drive new concepts, in order to take the business to the next level. “I aim to help build EIS into an even greater champion than it is today. To do this, I have realised that the business needs to evolve in tune with the way the world itself is evolving. If you do not evolve, you will be left behind. To this end, I want to expand the company into a national base, continue driving organic growth and most crucially, impart new energy into the company, to drive it to even greater achievements.”

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