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PC Clean


Every entrepreneur dreams of launching a business that ‘cleans up’, but very few turn that principle into their actual business model. Lucinda Bovill, of PC Clean, says she had her ‘light bulb moment’ when she saw a domestic cleaner trying with little success to effectively clean a PC. “I realised that there simply had to be a better way to do this, and so I launched PC Clean, which targets anyone with a PC, laptop or server, although my main customers are colleges, call centres, offices and industrial businesses. Many businesses do not prioritise cleaning their computers, viewing it as a grudge spend, and yet the benefits are enormous. Clean computers operate more efficiently, last longer and employees are less likely to fall ill, due to decreased disease transmission,” she says. Lucinda says that her professional service includes trained staff, who are level four IT students or greater, she only uses imported cleaning agents that are anti-static and non-metallic and offers flexible hours, to minimise the impact on client businesses. And from a customer service perspective, she personally follows up with a Q&A for clients, after the fact. “”My next goal is to begin replicating my model so as to be able to empower individuals by creating more jobs. I also want to contemplate additional value adds I can offer, in order to grow the business further. Ultimately, I want the business to get stronger so that I can leave a successful a legacy behind for my daughters.”

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