KV Art

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KV Art


So much about South African life is determined in shades of black and white that Kevin O’ Sullivan launched a business to add huge swathes of colour to it instead! With KV Art, Kevin has created a one-stop creative colour shop that successfully supplies art materials to both small stationery shops and large retailers – not bad for a one time accounting teacher from Cape Town High. “Because we are a one-stop-shop, our customers are generally able to obtain all of their requirements from a single supplier at affordable prices, improving both efficiency and driving cost savings. KV Art manufactures everything from wax crayons to oil paints and is focused on both scholastic and retail creative colour lines. Of course, our single largest asset is our intellectual capital - we have spent 20 years formulating commercially successful colour lines,” he says. To stay on top of what are the regularly shifting trends in this market space, the company regularly sends representatives to international trade fairs, while it also maintains a fully active lab to innovate or copy where possible. “My next step is to begin exhibiting at international trade shows across Africa – I hope one day to be the creative colour supplier in African education – and further developing our retail and online platform. I also aim to build a better relationship with the Department of Education, so that we can offer them higher quality products that are manufactured locally,” he concludes.

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