Luggage Glove


Some people might like to pack up their troubles in their old kitbags, but for Chris Warncke of Luggage Glove, his main concern is protecting the kitbags themselves from trouble. As the MD of a luggage retail chain, Chris says the most common concern from his customers was a fear of pilferage from or damage to their cases when they travelled. He developed Luggage Glove to combat these issues specifically. “Luggage Glove is a protective device that fits around a suitcase and locks shut, thereby discouraging pilferage. Furthermore, it covers most of the luggage itself, offering additional protective features whilst in transit. Not only that, but it is easy to spot on the baggage carousel and even has the potential to serve as a cost effective advertising vehicle to brands,” he says. Chris suggests that his biggest competition is the local plastic wrapping solutions offered at airports. However, Luggage Glove is differentiated by being reusable, lockable, easy to identify and less harmful to the environment. “We like to think of Luggage Glove as the ‘electric fence’ of luggage, and have now patented the product in both SA and the UK. Our next step is to market this to the international arena, with an online portal looking to be a good bet. There is also the potential in future to integrate it with technology, perhaps some form of rental app or tracking system. Ultimately, though, my main goal in the next few years is to see Luggage Glove become an international brand.”

On-air Interview