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Rickard Air


Every small business owner will tell you just how much energy is required to operate your own business – so it’s no wonder Christiaan Bosch is so enthusiastic about his company, Rickard Air Diffusion, which can typically save up to 20% in energy! Christiaan says that he was initially inspired by the sheer drive and enthusiasm of Brian Rickard, the founder of the business, and he has since improved the design, manufacturing efficiency and marketing of the product, making it a leader in variable geometry, variable air volume diffusion. “Our products are designed to save customers in the order of 20% energy, when compared to the more typical air conditioning systems available around the world. Moreover, it is designed to improve individual comfort and air change effectiveness too. Air diffusers are used to distribute air around large buildings that have a central air conditioning system, and Rickard supplies intelligent low pressure diffusers that measure and control the amount of air required,” he says. According to Christiaan, Rickard’s product is at the leading edge of global air conditioning design and has been built to be modular and flexible, making it more cost effective. With the growing focus on energy costs, green buildings and the need to integrate modern building systems into a single building management system, he continues, Rickard is the ideal answer to air conditioning challenges. “In the next three years, the plan is to grow the business further. I aim to take our exports from roughly 30% of total business to at least 50% of the business, while also growing our local sales by 10% per year. In addition, there are plans to launch new product derivatives and, ultimately, find the right partners around the world to market and support the product on a global scale.”

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