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Sun Things


Unlike some start-ups, Jacqueline (Jacki) van Heerden never felt like she was jumping in the deep end when she launched Sun Things. Or rather, she did, but that is where her products feel most at home. Jacki explains that she had worked for two swimwear manufacturers as design director, and felt that her hard work and creative flair would be better put to use in her own business, marketing her very own ranges. “Sun Things is a specialised swimwear manufacturer that caters for those with fuller figures, as well as specialising in cup size swimwear and mastectomy and maternity swimwear. We are able to react quickly to fashion trends, as we have a team of qualified designers, pattern makers and sample hands,” she says. She adds that customers vary from the large retail chain stores to the small, independent shops. Her company prides itself on delivering well-priced, locally manufactured garments, according to each of the customers’ own specifications. Looking ahead, Jacki has ambitious plans, not the least of which is to bring on board some younger, qualified business partners to maintain continuity and carry the brand into the future. “We are also looking into the export market, as well as adding accessories to complement our ranges of swimwear. We are also working on training a younger group of machine operators, to take over from our aging skilled machinists, and we are exploring the potential that online sales and social media offers our brand,” she concludes.

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