While some people define ‘performance management’ as taking a Viagra, Christopher Jones, of Digiterra, knows that real performance management is all about software, rather than hardware. He says that having been exposed to many challenges in the software industry, he quickly saw that consumers were seeking enabling software technology to address their internal business needs and provide innovation, but that vendors were over-promising and under-delivering. “I decided what was needed was a service that included both business and IT in an engagement that would enable them, using software technology. In addition, it would deal with the elements that the technology hinged on, such as alignment to strategy, process and organisational change,” says Christopher. Digiterra, he continues, provides software and consulting solutions to deliver effective Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence. He adds that management stakeholders tend to require information delivered in a way that is more effective than traditional reporting offers. His understanding of the needs and challenges within the local and international market and his insight into the processes, key performance indicators and inter-dependencies of various stakeholders, means Digiterra is ideally positioned to create a true business eco-system. “Looking forward, I would like Digiterra to receive more exposure and to grow the brand in South Africa. I also plan to do more research and development on new and innovative software, to further differentiate the company within the Corporate Performance Management and BI market and position us as a player in the global market. Finally, I want to invest in an internship programme that can be used as a value-add for our clients and provide Digiterra with the additional skills in this sector.”

On-air Interview