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Fraud is not just a word you read in newspaper headlines, it is an ongoing scenario practiced by far more employees than the average business owner would care to think about. Jenny Reid has served as a managing director at GriffithsReid, running a division focused on investigations and employee screening, so she knows what she is talking about when she says that one should fraud occurs on a massive scale, from the job application CV onwards. “I was tired of seeing employees in businesses that were engaged in fraudulent activities and felt that companies could do more to prevent them infiltrating or becoming fraudulently active. For this reason, I launched iFacts, one of the leading employee screening and vetting services providers in SA. It is based on the premise that removing the people risk will ultimately help organisations to prosper, and iFacts ensures that companies hire only honest, ethical and productive employees and services providers,” says Jenny. Asked about her customers, she indicates that the great thing for her is that anybody who employs staff can be an iFacts customer. Jenny adds that iFacts sets up employee screening, background check and vetting systems for customers, to prevent fraudsters from entering the workplace. Her company also helps customers to set up systems to discourage employees, outsourced labour or suppliers from getting involved in fraudulent activities. “As we move forward, my next major goal is to develop this business into a proper franchise. We want to roll out this franchise programme both in South Africa and beyond. Ultimately I would like to have at least 20 South African franchisees and an additional five international franchisees across Africa. We have, in fact, already made a start on the continent, as we already have a licensee in Nigeria.”

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