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Bed Buys


Unlike most small business owners who, once they have made their bed have to lay in it, Dallas Conn makes beds for others to lie in. His company, Bed Buys, makes quality bedding in Cape Town affordable to the average man on the street. He points out that a decade ago, beds had an average mark-up of 120% and were monopolised by multi-nationals. He launched a single store – now grown fourfold – that supplied quality brand names at very affordable prices, along with offering a three month interest-free lay-buy system. “While our target is lower middle income customers, we have fantastic potential for growth, as we can still target high-end customers. We also have great room for growth, either via a national expansion or the launch of a franchise model. Bed Buys is a turnkey business model, so as we expand, print media advertising costs will come down,” says Dallas. He adds that he started out buying and selling goods direct from suppliers to the end user. This, he says, helped him to look for gaps in the market, identify needs and most critically, to fulfil those needs. “I started off by selling bunk beds from my home, and focusing on volume with a lower mark up. Before I knew it, I was turning over so much revenue, that it was logical for me to move business to a retail outlet,” states Dallas. Looking forward, he says he wants to expand the business concept, as it has a proven model. “Ideally I would like to partner up with someone, and take our brand to a national level. I also want to begin to leverage the online space and social media markets to a greater extent.”

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