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Our Hood


In a world where social media seems to have stopped people talking to one another, who would have thought that digital neighbourhoods would actually bring communities closer together? Bruce Good says he saw the concept in action when he lived in New York and realised how effective digital neighbourhoods could be at building stronger communities. He says he wanted to bring this sense of neighbourliness back to SA, while also meeting the needs of security conscious local citizens. “OurHood is a digital networking platform that connects residents and allows them to share information - from crime incidents, through tradesmen referrals to sharing produce – and in so doing strengthens communities in SA,” he says. Since Internet penetration in South Africa is in the vicinity of around 25%, Bruce is confident that as such penetration increases, so will the desire for his product. He adds that OurHood is also live in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria, and will be introduced to audiences in Zambia, Zimbabwe and other Sub-Saharan countries in the next year. “No platform like OurHood exists for local residents. Where we are different is that we verify that each person lives in a particular neighbourhood, and we have different sections with alert functions for each built in. I believe this can be developed into a world-class product and business, one which can contribute to job creation and ultimately help return SA to a sense of true neighbourliness.”

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