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In the movie ‘Jaws’, Chief Brody famously proclaimed that they would need a bigger boat - and had they spoken to James Fisher, of Nautic Africa, they could quite easily have had one. James says that despite the recession, the commercial boat industry remains strong, and Nautic’s ongoing mission is to provide customers in industry and government with particular maritime solutions, crafted to meet their individual needs and specific challenges. “Nautic is a maritime solutions and shipbuilding company, which has established a reputation within the maritime industry for quality and innovation. It provides an extensive range of holistic and integrated services, including ship building, maritime services and leasing and support. In particular, we specialise in the design and construction of customised vessels for the defence, oil and gas, port authority and commercial maritime sectors,” states James. Today, he says, there is an increasing number of entities that are looking for customisable vessel solutions that are built for Africans, by Africans and built in Africa. This is ideal for Nautic, which is not only a proudly SA company, but ensures that all its vessels are built to International Class Certification standards. He adds that the company has also received ISM certification in recognition of its safe operation of ships and its ongoing commitment to pollution prevention. “With the oil and gas industries in Africa booming, I have no doubt that we can take Nautic to the next level thanks to our innovative products and our people. We aim to deliver a unique service that will enable us to outstrip our Chinese and Turkish competitors. Where we have a major advantage is that in the end, business is about getting the formula right, and I believe Nautic Africa has the perfect business mix.”

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