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With crime in SA sometimes seemingly out of control, wouldn’t it be nice if we had a Robocop looking out for us? While not quite the indestructible cyborg of the film, Mike Voortman used a similar principle when developing Verifier, which uses technology to fight crime. He says as a member of his local Crimewatch, he saw the need for electronic surveillance for crime prevention purposes. “Verifier is an independent, multi-platform, remote, off-site CCTV monitoring service which monitors ‘triggered’ electronic events, to which dedicated controllers action and manage the occurrence according to a strict, pre-determined protocol. Such efficient deployment of manpower, enabled by intelligent electronics, allows for electronic guarding where clients would not be able to afford more traditional guarding,” Mike says. He believes that the recent explosion of bandwidth and connectivity has been a key driver in making this business a success. He adds that he is always excited when he checks shift reports and is able to see first-hand where successful crime preventions are noted. The solution works for everyone from small businesses to large enterprises and from single residential homes to residential security estates. “A service like this can be put into operation anywhere with good connectivity, so we are obviously monitoring infrastructure developments beyond our borders in Africa. We are realists though, and realise that it would be best to consolidate our national presence first. Ultimately, however, we would like to provide an international service in the future, and our plan for expansion would involve solid partners local to those markets we enter,” he concludes.

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