Service Systems


Everyone who has ever experienced poor service has had that moment where they wanted to tell store management about it, but without necessarily causing a scene. Matthew Kain, of Service Systems is someone who dislikes poor service intensely, and saw a gap in the market to provide a service that enables exactly that. “We provide wireless customer feedback systems and queue management solutions for retailers and walk-in service centres that are passionate about excellent customer service. Service Systems provides a wireless, battery-powered Internet of Things (IoT) pad that can be placed at any touch point within a store, to receive anonymous feedback from clients. We have also developed a Call for Service feature using the same technology, which allows customers requiring assistance to simply press a call button which will then alert the information desk, area managers and store managers,” says Matthew. He points out that the company comprises a young and agile team that is capable of easily designing and manufacturing new products and solutions. The current basket of products and services – which includes customer service measurement, home automation and energy management solutions - has the potential to grow with the right advice and insight. “We are passionate about IoT, which is present in all our products and services, particularly with regard to what can be done with this data. For one thing, growing into international markets, thanks to the IoT offering, should be possible. We also plan to improve the analytics and reports from our IoT devices. In this way, I aim to become the standard bearer for customer service measurement.”

On-air Interview