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Frozen Drinks


Songwriter Peter Sarstedt once offered to buy the lady he was singing to ‘one more frozen orange juice’ – it’s just a pity for him that Frozen Drinks Africa wasn’t around at that time, otherwise he’d have been able to offer her a range of fun-filled Frutina and Ice Blast frozen beverages from Wayne Spray’s Frozen Drinks Africa. “Our products deliver above average, hassle-free margin to retailers and operators and we dispense really cool stuff! We believe in providing access to a variety of choice and convenience to our customers, who typically own or operate retail, leisure, food service and FMCG businesses. We offer them a profitable and differentiating product which adds to their desirability,” says Wayne. Frozen Drinks Africa has shortened the beverage value chain and shared the resulting savings with both the consumer and the retailer, he adds. Wayne also points out that the company has also worked hard at vertically integrating technology within the business, which allows for better profitability and efficiency on as many levels as possible. “Looking ahead, I want to invest in upgrading the systems and infrastructure required for our syrup and equipment production facilities, in order to effectively deal with and support our growing demand. I also want to invest in a key senior sales and marketing team and in upskilling and supporting the regional leaders and their teams so that they are able to deal with the constant change and skill required. Finally, I want to identify the gaps in the market and find the appropriate systems and support mechanisms to support the growth and scale that this will create. Ultimately, the goal is to become a multinational and global contributor in our industry.”

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