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A change is as good as a holiday, they say – unless you are talking about climate change, in which case it is something to be fought against tooth and nail. Anton Cartwright, of Credible Carbon, says that the impact of climate change on poorer communities in Africa could be disastrous, so there is a clear need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create businesses that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. “Credible Carbon is a voluntary market carbon registry that certifies and trades credits from Southern African projects. The registry is reserved for abatement projects that make a direct contribution to poverty alleviation. Credible Carbon's transaction costs of auditing carbon credits are about one tenth of the norm, as we use a simple standard and process, along with local carbon credit auditors instead of expensive overseas-based consultants. This means that more money gets to the projects themselves,” says Anton. He explains that he used to be a climate change researcher at Oxford University, which sensitised him to the risk of climate change and to the dangers for poorer communities on the African continent. It also exposed him to international carbon markets and their development potential. This, he adds, helped him to design a local carbon market registry and trading platform that simultaneously tackles emissions and poverty. “South Africa has vast potential for emission-reducing projects. Furthermore, the proposed SA Carbon Tax Bill, coming in 2017, will suddenly drive up the demand for carbon offsets. With the above in mind, I hope to grow our sales of carbon offsets from 50 000 tonnes/year to one million tonnes/year. I also aim to broaden and enlarge our portfolio of emission reduction projects to supply the increased demand,” concludes Anton.

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