Nobody likes being led up the garden path, unless the person doing the leading is Bruce Beyer, since his company, Co-Creators, is all about developing outdoor spaces that are anything by garden variety. A former architect, Bruce says that he launched the company as he I wanted to create his own destiny, but more than that, he wanted to create an organisation that grows not just gardens but also employees, clients and the community as a whole. “We design and install gardens from conception until the final plant is in the ground, and we incorporate many of the trends that are uppermost in the minds of nature-loving people. These include edible gardens, naturalistic and meadow gardening – which is related directly to the plight of bees and butterflies – as well as vertical gardening, natural pools, water-wise gardening, indigenous plantings, forests and outdoor kitchens, to name a few,” he says. Clients tend to be either new or existing homeowners who require a full landscape service. Bruce explains that Co-Creators will design and facilitate the construction of their landscape, in an effortless and fun way. The company solves existing design issues and even crafts projects with one eye on future implementations, meaning changes or additions are much simpler. “My goal is to be able to design and facilitate Peace Gardens that will be attached to housing estates, malls, palaces and hospitals. I want to co-create ways to reimagine the use of spaces in cities and I also want to develop a team that specialises in landscape art. Unlike many small businesses, I have no final destination, rather, I see my future being as beautiful and winding as some of the many garden paths I have designed.”

On-air Interview