When Ruari Richardson found his entrepreneurial mind was getting cramped in the corporate space, he chose to break out by getting into a box. OfficeBox (formerly Stationery in Motion) allowed Ruari to reach his true potential by bringing together his passion, experience and future market plans in a company delivering B2B office supplies to the SME market. He says that at the time, e-commerce was at a very early stage, most particularly in the industry and market he decided to pursue. Despite this, OfficeBox has built its success over a sustained period, thanks to an innovative way of packaging the way the company earns and offers the commodity it sells. This innovation, states Ruari, is a global first that radically simplifies the standard industry offering, while at the same time offering same day delivery. It has proven to be so successful that it has already piqued the interest of a number of high level corporates, programmes and funders. He suggests that the company’s continued success is built on its innovative business model, his own strong background in logistics and the fact that the business was a ‘first mover’ in the B2B office supplies space. The Cape Town-based company is currently raising funds to begin operations in Johannesburg and Durban, as well as to launch its own imported product brand. Asked about his view of the future, Ruari is straightforward: he wants to see OfficeBox become the largest player in its industry in the country, with four to five distribution centres around SA. Moreover, he has plans to expand operations into Africa, Europe, the US and the Far East. Most notable of all, however, is his desire to link the company to dynamic education programmes for disadvantaged children.

On-air Interview