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Lights by Linea


Everybody hopes to have a job that lights up their life, but Wayne Roberts has gone one better – he has a job that lights up everyone’s lives! Light by Linea is a firm of lighting consultants that specialises in LED and efficient lighting solutions. “We design from concept to installation, working closely with electrical engineers, architects, designers and retail shopping outlets,” says Wayne, whose firm offers lighting solutions based on cost, energy consumption, prestige, effective designs and longevity of light fitting products. A number of years in the building sector, working both on the floor and as a salesman gave him a background in the building industry that left him with a solid understanding of all the players in any project and even introduced him to many of them. This, he adds, is why the company is so well positioned in its niche. “We set ourselves apart by the technology, designs, knowledge and adaptability that are at the core of our business, and also by quickly recognising what the client requirements are. Due to the changes in lighting technology and the introduction of LED, our growth comes not only from new projects, but also from our ability to resupply every one of the projects that are currently not using modern, energy efficient technologies.”

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