Ulka Designs

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Ulka Designs


Ulka Designs creates clothing and accessory masterpieces from exotic leather, to meet the style demands of an exclusive fashion industry. Unless you happen to be a reptile or a large flightless bird, Uli Kleinferchner’s upmarket boutique at the V&A Waterfront, Ulka Designs, will likely impress you with its range of top quality leather handbags and jackets, fashioned from crocodile and ostrich leather. “Our customers are mostly tourists who are looking to take a piece of Africa home with them, while looking stylish at the same time. The store is built on innovative ideas, which power the many unique designs and styles found in our exclusive in-house garment designs,” Uli says. She explains that designer fashion is an exclusive market with better quality and designer pieces that are viewed by the buyer as an investment. Since they stand the test of time and weather, her products are favoured both by loyal existing customers and new clients seeking something extraordinary. “Fashion is an ever changing industry, so we need to constantly stay on top, not only in terms of designs, but also colours, textiles and even technology. My vision is to create awareness of the brand at a national level – perhaps by placing shops at the airports. In order to achieve this goal, I would need the funds to turn the current workshop into a proper factory and manufacturing facility, in order to create more jobs and to be able to export quality SA workmanship.”

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