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Handling the conversion process the Mpull way Mpull Marketing is focused on results, which is why it uses technology to help convert leads into customers. That a potential lead may become a real customer is never something that can be automatically assumed, although with Mpull Marketing’s automation technology, converting potential into reality is much more likely. Daryn Smith explains that Mpull aims to grow businesses through marketing and sales interventions, aligned to the sales tunnel. His company uses marketing automation technology to convert leads into customers, to help on-board customers, as well as to cross-sell, up-sell and retain existing customers. “I saw how much money was being wasted on old school marketing tactics while working for a large corporate’s marketing team. I also noticed how frequently sales people gave up on leads generated by marketing after a couple of phone calls, when perseverance would have paid off and I was determined to find a better way of doing things,” he says. He feels he is on the right track, since the Marketing Automation market is forecast to be worth $5.5 billion by 2019. “There are digital agencies out there which also do demand generation, like us. However, what sets us apart is that we also follow through and try to convert demand into revenue. In other words, we are less focused on the creative and more on the results.”

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