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D&P Cricket


There’s no batting on a sticky wicket with D&P Cricket – just high quality cricket-related products, along with bat manufacture, repair and customisation. When it comes to building a local specialist sporting business, Paul Borst has hit the concept for six. As an avid cricket player and fan, it only makes sense for him to be involved in a business related to the game, which is why he began D&P Cricket, a company that makes and repairs cricket bats in Cape Town. “I quickly saw this as an opportunity to fill a gap in the SA market, producing a range of cricket-related products, including bats, pads, gloves, balls, bags and clothing. We also repair and customise cricket bats,” he says. As a local company and bat manufacturer, Paul says unlike the internationally known brands, which are managed by import companies who have little to no knowledge of the products they provide, D&P Cricket is recognised by the local cricket community for its service, knowledge, advice and excellent value for money. “We have recently set up a business in the UK and have placed great emphasis on innovation, launching several new products. Our next goal is to increase the production from our bat making facility and ultimately, to open operations in the Australian and Indian markets, with manufacturing outlets in South Africa and India.”

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