Have a seat – or more! The rustic, custom-made outdoor furniture market may be niche, but it can still deliver high quality – This is the space Rattanhaus’ plays in with its locally extruded synthetic rattan. When Inka Fogarty and her partner decided to begin manufacturing outdoor furniture and accessories, they didn’t cross their palms – instead they chose to work with locally synthetic rattan. Rattanhaus extrudes its own synthetic rattan in a range of colours and makes its own frames using aluminium. “We provide bespoke and custom-made offerings, as well as a unique repair service, which is the only one available in the country. Rattanhaus supplies interior designers and decorators, procurement agents and private consumers. We have built our reputation on creating and designing furniture or accessories according to the clients’ wishes and specifications,” explains Inka. She says that the company does not limit itself to a specific range of furniture or a specific market. Because of this, it has already exported a substantial amount of furniture to other African countries and Rattanhaus has developed a strong reputation for quality rattan and workmanship. “The growth of the tourism industry in SA, as well as the rest of Africa, gives our niche business massive potential for growth and we have begun experimenting with outdoor rope materials, for that added rustic appeal. Right now, what we need is additional funding for a new bending machine, a small delivery truck and staff training - it can take six months to train someone to be a competent weaver. We also aim to make more inroads into the hospitality trade, which we want to have use us as their preferred supplier.”

On-air Interview