Montessori Teacher Training Centre SA


The kids are alright! The Montessori Method is a whole new way of educating children – but teaching this requires educators, and that’s where the Montessori Teacher Training Centre South Africa comes in. While the old proverb states that the truth can be heard out of the mouths of babes, Susanne van Niekerk believes that too many children today - through antiquated educational systems, modern technology, lack of savvy parenting and peer pressure - are being stifled in their natural development. This results in obstacles occurring in natural development and children not developing as they should. It is for this reason that she launched the Montessori Teacher Training Centre South Africa, which is the largest early childhood development teacher training centre specialising in the Montessori Method. The business also has satellite centres in Accra (Ghana), Lagos (Nigeria) and Mahe (Seychelles). “Parents are becoming more discerning about ensuring that their children receive an education that is focused on the development of the child, rather than on adherence to an outdated curriculum. They are realising that increased input in the early years results in greater output later on, which is why Montessori schools are growing at a huge rate. And this, naturally, requires an increasing number of teachers,” suggests Susanne. “Most of the limitations we face are workforce related. We cannot ‘buy’ Montessori teacher trainers; they have to be trained. Ideally, they also need to have had at least five to eight years of experience in the classroom. Our goal, therefore is to firstly acquire our own premises, instead of the ‘Licence Centres’ we are operating through and also to set up online training facilities in the major centres with cyber-lecturing facilities and backed by proper support staff. Ultimately, our aim is to develop our own qualification to be registered on the South African Qualifications Framework.”

On-air Interview