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Shaw Terra Cotta


This business will floor you! Producing superior, hand-made floor tiles and bespoke ceramic wall tiles, Shaw Tec focuses on quality and style, with a passion for service and design. Shaw Tec has kept Andy Shaw on the floor for 20 years, and now it is driving him up the walls as well! Of course, this is due to the fact that the company is a small scale, handmade tile manufacturer that made its name producing a cement Quarry tile in various shades and sizes, before it recently branched out by launching a bespoke ceramic wall tile range. This has given fresh life and impetus to the business. Founded by his father Alan in 1960, Andy Shaw has been involved with Shaw Tec since he took it over and says that his customers are mainly end consumers seeking quality floor tiles for indoor and outdoor use. “We provide them with an affordable, handmade terra cotta option, coupled with very personalised and hands-on service. Our new fired ceramic wall tiles, on the other hand, are also sought after by interior designers, so this new range has helped to broaden our client base,” suggests Andy. He adds that the company is proudly South African and manufactures all its Quarry tiles in a local factory, based in Cape Town. Furthermore, the recently launched bespoke range of wall tiles is creating a niche market for those seeking something unique, handmade and standout. “Our current goal is to move what is a small business into the medium enterprise range, by increasing production and introducing additional new tile ranges. We also want to develop our presence in other key regions of the country. To do this, we need to upscale our manufacturing facilities, hire more people, and focus more on marketing and advertising. Ultimately want to grow the business in a sustainable manner, so my daughter can take it over from me, as I did from my father,” states Andy.

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