Sports Hub Coaching


Helping kids to get sporty! Sports Hub is a dedicated coaching programme that provides young children with a foundation in a range of sports, encouraging them to become confident and competent. Most modern parents complain that ‘the children of today don’t get outside and play like we used to’, but Sports Hub Coaching is a company dedicated to not only changing that, but enabling children to gain a foundation in various sports as well. Henk Oosthuizen explains that the business is a broad-based, foundation phase sports coaching programme that coaches boys and girls aged 4-9 years. “Sports Hub aims to create confident and competent sports players that will enjoy the sport for life. Our aim is to ensure that each student that we coach has age-appropriate competence and proficiency in sports like Tag Rugby, Netball, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis and Cricket,” says Henk. He says that for him, the biggest challenge is most often how to find an effective way to get permission from schools to offer Sports Hub at schools – although once in, it is consistently one of the most popular activities. Henk adds that he loves being in a business where he can do work that has a profound social impact on various different levels. This includes not only the students that are coached, but also the young coaches that are empowered through owning their first business. “The true growth potential for Sports Hub lies in a franchising model, as I believe there is room in SA for 250+ franchises. To achieve this, I need to convert my coaching manuals, marketing material and order forms into a Web-based cloud setup. This will enable me to give any new franchisee a turnkey business that can be managed from a tablet. Further to this, I would like additional investment to provide a seed fund to the first 50 franchises over a period of three years at R100 000 per franchise - this would enable franchisees to have funds to run their business while working on signing up their first schools.”

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