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Fetchit Fixit


We can fetch it, fix it and replace it FetchIt FixIt is a unique appliance repair business that not only collects items for repair, but loans customers a replacement while these are being completed. Sometimes, all it takes to disrupt a traditional industry is a new way of looking at things. Craig Plowden considered what he – as a consumer – would like from the home appliance repair and service business and then applied this within his own business model. FetchIt FixIt not only collects, assesses, repairs and services appliances, but also loans free replacement units to customers. “Our business is designed for people who don’t have the means to get the appliance to the relevant service or repair centres. Since most people do have access to the Internet, we enable them to make a booking at any time of the day or night. We realise that people demand high service levels in this industry, and we deliver on this with fast turn-around times,” he says. Craig adds that he believes FetchIt FixIt has the potential to be established not only as a national household brand but ultimately as a franchise business on a national scale. One thing where he does require assistance, he explains, is with marketing and branding exercises. Although the business is very sound conceptually Craig feels that to be truly successful, it needs as many people as possible to hear about it and use its services. “I would also like to allocate additional funding to ensuring that our infrastructure is up to handling the additional volumes that would be generated through an extensive marketing and branding exercise. This would enable FetchIt FixIt to deliver a truly seamless home appliance repair service, with exceptional levels of customer service.”

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