Kamers vol Geskenke

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Kamers vol Geskenke


The art is in the craft Kamers vol Geskenke is a collective of creative makers who create handmade, unique and indelibly South African products Genuine handmade crafts seem to be a dying art, but don’t tell that to Wanda du Toit, whose company, Kamers vol Geskenke, developed from four friends who had a love of creative 'making', to an organisation with over 40 makers and 800 shoppers. With products that are innovative, ingenious and indelibly South African, she says that the business creates an interface between the makers and the people who appreciate and desire what they produce. “I have a profound belief in the extraordinary creative talent that is latent in so many South Africans and an enduring passion for identifying, partnering, nurturing and mentoring that talent,” says Wanda. “We help creative entrepreneurs find their value while also thrilling to the sight of everyday people discovering our Makers' products.” She indicates that her next goal is to diversify the Makers platform into the new Black middle class of spending power, not only because it will be good for business, but will also be more representative of South African society. Wanda adds that the company has also created ‘Mzanzi Makers’, a non-profit entity focused on identifying and upskilling or mentoring deserving Maker talent and developing a consistent inflow of talented and driven Makers from previously disadvantage communities. “Currently, our biggest needs are for highly experienced financial and strategic management input, as we face a host of interesting opportunities but need help to ensure we can remain true to our fundamentals whilst expanding through these opportunities. We are also now embarking on creating a fledgling export platform for our large database of talented SA Makers and also need some good export expertise,” she concludes.

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