The Fruit Cube


A business model to go bananas for The Fruit Cube offers businesses an opportunity to improve staff morale and health, by supplying them with a weekly delivery of fresh fruit. It probably takes more than a mere apple a day to keep the doctor away. Fortunately for their clients, The Fruit Cube makes healthy eating at offices effortless, by delivering fresh seasonal fruit directly to the office. This is not only cost effective for customers, but also enables managers to invest in the wellbeing of their staff. Andrew Scott says the idea came to his attention while he was working at an engineering consulting firm in Australia, which had fruit delivered weekly to the office. “The staff loved the fruit and it became a key element of the office. On my return to South Africa, I explored the possibility of offering a similar service to businesses in Cape Town, and found a number of forward-thinking business owners and managers eager to provide their staff with benefits that help to foster a healthy and happy work environment,” he says. What has given his business the edge, he claims, is quality produce, a convenient standing order and a customer-first mentality. Although the business continues to grow, Andrew indicates that he is now armed with an improved marketing strategy and more effective sales initiatives, and expects to realise even greater growth. “My first goal is to grow my client base in Cape Town – through the supply of new products like nuts, dried fruit, biltong, rusks and milk - as well as replicate the operating model in Gauteng. I would also like – if funding permits – to set up a team to service Gauteng and employ an experienced manager and sales people there. I also want to utilise various marketing channels, such as radio, social media and print media advertising to boost sales further.

On-air Interview