Crisp Fine Produce


Enjoy your salad days! Restaurants, hotels and cruise ships all demand the highest quality fruit and vegetables, and Crisp Fine Produce delivers exactly only the best, to meet the most discerning tastebuds. Cape Town restaurants don’t need to get their fruit and veg from a city, because they can get it direct from Ainsa McTaggart’s Crisp Fine Produce. Ainsa says that when she was working in the produce department at a prominent retailer, she heard many farmers complain about the amount of quality produce that was in excess. She decided to become a sort of middle man between the farmers and discerning restaurants, and so her company was born. “We are based in Montague Gardens, Cape Town and the company has three vehicles that deliver fresh produce to the southern suburbs and the City. We also have a small deli in Riebeek Kasteel, which does the same and is also recognised as a foodie mecca in the Swartland. Quality guaranteed is our motto,” she says. Ainsa adds that clients come mainly from fine dining restaurants, hotels, caterers, and passenger ship chandlers. Crisp Fine Produce provides quality guaranteed produce to their door, with knowledgeable staff and clean trucks, on time, six days a week. “Where we could use some assistance is in obtaining finance to purchase our own building, with the right specifications to serve as our main distribution centre for the restaurants, hotels and ships chandlers. In addition, I would like to refrigerate all our vehicles, as this would be key to continuing to keep our promise to deliver excellent quality goods. Finally, I would like to open satellite boutique produce and ingredient shops in areas that are plugged into the community, similar to the boutique outlet that I already have in Riebeek Kasteel.”

On-air Interview