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See-through security ViewProtect Security is dedicated to delivering high quality, clear security bars with a built-in alarm system. These not only protect the home, but allow for aesthetically pleasing views. South Africans have an affinity for bars – and not only the ones you can enjoy a beer in. Security is critical to all who live in the country and for a long time, the only option was to use unsightly metal bar products, which had the disadvantage of making one’s home look like a prison. Marius de Villiers says that his company, ViewProtect Security, is a leader in the new clear security bar industry, which offers high levels of physical security without the traditionally ugly barrier of metal bars. “We have developed and patented a transparent security barrier product that will not only supply the customer with an aesthetical pleasing and strong physical barrier, but is also fitted with 24/7 active burglar alarm protection, with the added bonus of eliminating accidental false alarms,” adds Marius. Transparent burglar bars is a fast growing industry, he continues, as these barriers are most often the preferred option due to their aesthetic value. ViewProtect has established itself as a market leader, thanks to innovative products and the many new ideas it keeps on developing for the market. “Our biggest challenge is to keep the company afloat with our existing cash flow. If we were to receive additional funding, the extra working capital would allow us to negotiate better prices and payment terms from our suppliers. We would also be able to increase our stock volumes, especially before the end-of-year ‘silly season’, when demand is high and stocks are limited. Finally, we would also like funding to invest in marketing and sales and to streamline our operations to prepare for the launch of new products and to begin exporting our solutions overseas.”

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