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Flexy Skills enables flexi-work Designed to make it easy for corporates and freelancers to connect and work together, Flexy Skills is a company that positively encourages work-on-demand. The modern working world is no longer ruled by iron-fisted bosses, demanding employees be in the office 9-to-5. Instead, we live in a world where flexibility is the most critical factor, meaning that companies and individuals alike are seeking out opportunities to obtain an on-demand way of working and earning. “This is where Flexy Skills comes into the picture,” says Annette Muller. “In my previous business, I dealt with many administrative challenges and long time frames to get access to skills on demand that came with using freelancers. Flexy is a powerful tool that eliminates much of this stress, helping companies and freelance experts work together in a fast and efficient manner.” She explains that it is an innovative online platform that helps companies recruit and book freelancers and supports an ever-growing community of people who are choosing to work on-demand. “To take things to the next level, we need additional capital to assist us with technology development, marketing, global strategic partnership engagements and to employ an enterprise sales team. Our goal is to see an increasing number of corporate companies embracing the work-on-demand concept, by joining the Flexy network to find, book and pay all of their freelance experts.”

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