Liquid Freedom


Surf’s up! Liquid Freedom Surf is a company dedicated to producing the highest quality locally manufactured surf boards and stand-up paddle boards. Duncan Gray is unique in that getting board at work is what he loves most of all. The owner of Liquid Freedom Surf, Duncan combines his passion for surfing with his skill in designing and constructing boards. He says that having spotted a gap in the market locally, he purchased a CNC machine and began computer designing and cutting surfboards and stand-up paddle boards, as well as make the use of this service available to other brands. Today, the company also provides a laminating service as well. “Our customers are surfers, as well as other brands who require their boards to be manufactured. We are the only company in Cape Town that can provide the full manufacturing process under a single roof. We pride ourselves on producing quality work, which is due to the fact that we are a company formed out of passion for what we do, which translates into the quality we strive to produce,” he says. Duncan explains that Liquid Freedom’s next major goal is to crack the export market, as he feels the company has the potential for growth due to the great service it provides to its customers, and the fact that the exchange rate is particularly favourable to locally produced boards at this time. “To achieve these goals, we need the money to purchase the building we are currently using, which is for sale, as this would drastically lower our overheads. I would also like to improve the facilities so as to aid in producing an even higher quality product, thanks to better working conditions. Finally, I would need financial assistance to reach out to the export market - specifically Europe - by making trips to meet with potential clients, as well as to increase my advertising and sponsorship budget.”

On-air Interview