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Infin8 Surfacing


The design possibilities are Infin8! Infin8 Surfacing offers a unique product that can create solid surfaces that are as durable as granite or stone, but can be shaped to suit whatever design the client has in mind. For architects and interior designers, the ways in which they create solid surfaces has always been set in stone. However, Andrew Hatt says that Infin8 Surfacing can now provide them with an architectural material that has the same durability as granite and stone, but with the ability to bend and curve into almost any design. “We specialise in fabricating and thermoforming solid surfaces to create organic, curved designs that offer endless possibilities, for a wide variety of applications. More importantly, I have a background in architecture, so Infin8 is not only able to produce to client requirements, but we are able to take the journey with them, all the way from concept and design, through to fabrication and installation,” he says. Andrew points out that the company is currently well placed in terms of having the right people and machines to be able to deliver high volume orders, but the company lacks proactive marketing and advertising. This, he says, means there are many industry sectors that do not really know anything about this material. “If we could make people more aware of the product and the benefits of the material, I believe we will grow quicker than anyone could imagine. This is the goal, as we hope to be the biggest fabricators in the country within the next three years. Infin8 would also like additional financing to buy more machines and to automate the business further, to change it from a production line to more of an assembly line approach,” adds Andrew.

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